What’s the Necrohacker up to, now?

Inspired by the /now page concept started by Derek Sivers, of which I became aware via Brian Wisti’s own now page, this is a summary of what I’m up to these days.

So, what is Yanick up to as of June 24th 2021?

My face, as of June 24th, 2021
Necrohack in' the sun
  • I live in Ottawa, Ontario. Happily married. Also share the house with three budgies (one total brat, one birdsplaining wonder, and one remarkably sane and reasonable. I don’t trust that last one one bit.) There are also a few fish here and there, but they are fairly quiet and reserved.

  • I have too many plants. Lots of orchids, some carnivorous plants, and the rest a carnival of the weird. My kill rate is slowly decreasing over time…

  • I leisurely and forever fiddle with my pet project, an implementation of the game Full Thrust. I’ve taken to microblog about it to keep me going.

  • That spaceship game draw me to the world of scale models and miniatures. I now enjoy assembling and painting itsy bitsy thingies. I acquired an airbrush in the process.

  • Knitting-wise, I’m currently between “serious” knitting projects. For now I leisurely work on a pair of socks for an ex-coworker, and on my 10-stitch crochetted blanket.

  • I rejoined a role-playing group for the first time in nearly 20 years. We’re having fun trying to survive in a world gone to hell to distract ourselves of how we, uh, are trying to survive in a world gone to hell. Anyway. Right now I’m playing Verg-La, a cryomancer who is hilariously sliding down into Leeroy Jenkins territory.

  • While I am still writing Perl for fun, it’s been ages since I wrote any for profit, and I’m sadly slowly slipping out of the ecosystem. JavaScript and NodeJS are mostly taking the slack. I lately took a real shine for Svelte and Svelte Kit, which feel like the nicest balance between making web development easy and keeping the whole construction simple that I’ve seen in a long time.

  • I work as a software developer for Infinity Interactive.

You can always contact me via email or check out my stream of consciousness on Twitter.