Faster, hairy yak, shave, SHAVE!

February 4th, 2012
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Faster, hairy yak, shave, SHAVE!

As reported yesterday, this week-end’s activities could be summarized as me going to town on a yak herd with a lawnmower. And although the rest of Saturday and this morning haven’t been as fast and furious as Saturday morning, there’s a few more things to report:

The wish of Genehack has been answered, and a new version of Perl::Achievements is out, including the sub-command ’report’, which spits out an html version of the user’s current achievements (the GitHub page of the project is now a sample of the output).

I already mentioned that one of the steps in churning that out was to release Template::Caribou to CPAN (actually, I just realized I forgot to do that. oops … Mistake corrected, now). Something additional I should point out is that its tests are leveraging the awesomeness of Test::Routine. As Template::Caribou itself is a role, everything mashes together rather niftily in the test file. I like, I like a lot.

And then, yesterday night, Gabor gently poked me about the fact that Galuga’s feed and the IronMan’s aggregator don’t seem to understand each other very well. for some mysterious reason, the aggregator reposts the last few entries each time I write something new. Very aggravating, moreover considering that the source feed itself seems sane. Oh well, in an effort to fix that, I’ve switched the RSS-generating engine of Galuga from XML::Atom::SimpleFeed to XML::Feed. … and promptly found out that old versions of XML::Atom plays havok with the output of XML::Feed.

No problem, I upgraded and filed a bug report. And then I wondered, “isn’t there a cli tool out there to fetch the changelog of a distribution from MetaCPAN?“. I searched a little bit but without success. So I rewrote it. My version of the tool peek on MetaCPAN for a file named Changes or Changelog or CHANGES, try to load it via CPAN::Changes and show the part of the changelog above and beyond the version currently installed (unless the --all option is passed). If the changelog doesn’t pass muster with CPAN::Changes (tsk, tsk), it’s just dumped verbatim.

$ pm_changelog XML::LibXML
installed version: 1.88
latest version: 1.90

1.89 2011-12-24T09:46:26Z
- Apply a patch with spelling fixes by Kevin Lyda : - - Thanks to Kevin.
- Apply a pull request by ElDiablo with the implementation of
- lib/XML/LibXML/ .
- Adjust the Win32 Build Instructions in the README file. - Thanks to
Christopher J. Madsen.

1.90 2012-01-08T20:57:58Z
- Pull a commit from Aaron Crange to fix compilation bugs in Devel.xs: -
local variable declarations must be in the PREINIT section, not `CODE`,
at least for some compiler/OS combinations. - Thanks, Aaron!

So, yeah… how’s your week-end going?