This version of the report includes the Untappd statistics as of January 18th, 2020. The weeks assigned for each beer might not be an exact match for the real time of release as the dates reported by Untappd are the dates the beers are first checked-in in their system. Still, close enough.

The beers of 2019

Number of releases per week

The Whiprsnapr gang promised one release a week for all of 2019. Did it actually happened? Like clockwork, it did.

Beer styles

2019 saw quite the range of styles. But it’s hard not to see that our favorite troublemakers are IPA souls…

datatable(byStyle %>% select(style,abv,ibu,rating,count)%>% mutate(abv=round(abv,1),ibu=round(ibu,1),rating=round(rating,1),count=round(count,1)),options = list(pageLength = 15))


Let’s dwelve in the serious numbers. ABV, IBU, how do they correlate?

The abv/ibu signature of each style become much more clear when we split the overall graph into by-style parts.