September 18th, 2015


Nothing huge to announce. Just that there is a new version of on its way to CPAN, and it allows to export the RPC API as wrapped functions, which make it easier to use them as a DSL:

use Neovim::RPC;


vim_set_current_line( "hello there" );

That is quite useful when paired with , which has function tab-completion.

Oh, and did I ever told you that neovim comes with support for embedded terminals? Where, say, we could be running reply

So, yeah, I can now control neovim from Perl running inside neovim.

Oh, and did I mention that reply can invoke an editor to edit its code too? Aaah, yes. From the horrified glint in your eyes, I see you understand what it means.

You may scream, if you think it’ll help.