Ask the Magic MemeBall

January 27th, 2012

The goal of most of my projects are to improve on the status quo, in some way or other.

Sporadically, I’ll also take on a project just to try my hand at a new technology, as a kind of lab experiment.

And then, there are the more rare instances when the stars align and the angles get weird. That’s when I’ll do something just for the sheer evulz of it.

Today is one of those days.

You all know the magic eightball. You think of a question, shake shake shake the eightball and an answer would appear. Magic eightballs are awesome, but Without a doubt is such an answer of a begone era. Wouldn’t it make sense to update the answers of the magical orb to this Age of the Meme?

No, no it wouldn’t. But I did it anyway.

The application is not much. Powered by Dancer, using Raphael for a quick shooka-shooka effect, and the site Know Your Meme as a source of the memes and images.

The source code is on GitHub, as usual, and I have an instance of the thing at Fair warning, though: my server is old and decrepit, and my DSL connection is even worse, so there is no guarantee that the instance will stay up and running for long.

Oh, and as you might suspect, the MemeBall contains coarse language and immature subject content, viewer discretion is recommended.

Enjoy. :-)