Day of the Geeks

May 24th, 2011
geek day

On this May 25th, Pythian decided to celebrate Geek day. To kick off the event, our wonderful resident caseophile and director of marketing wrote a blog entry in which she outed herself as a erstwhile geek. She then encouraged the rest of the company to come forward as well. Could I refuse such a call? Of course I couldn’t. And so, here’s what I scribbled down in the comment section…

Am I a geek? Well… let’s count the ways.

I am a Perl hacker. I write poetry in Perl. I partake in the extreme sport known as Perl golf. Once, I was a ref in one of the tournaments. I am the keeper of the TPR Golf’s Big Book of Useless But Strangely Amusing Statistics. And I wrote the Dial-a-Leaderboard app to get real-time results via the phone.

I am the maintainer of.. oh gawd, way too many modules on CPAN. My nogging can be used to encrypt scripts via Acme::EyeDrops. I am the codename of a version of Dancer.

I am one of the writers of Académie des Chasseurs de Primes, a French comic book series now to its second album (2.5 coming this Fall!). I’m the webmaster of its official website, which is running on my web server (natch). Staying in the department of comic books, my name is scribbled on a blackboard on the first page of a Wonder Woman (or is it Terra Obscura? I forget). I am the photographic model for the rather bad-ass head vampire of ‘One Bloody Year’.

I make amigurumis. Of the ACP characters, of baby Cthulus, of ninjas, medusas, camels, lobsters and whatever is cute or creepy, but mostly both. To hack more efficiently in the cold days of winter-time, I crochetted myself a pair of gloves. In baby alpaca wool.

I grow orchids. That’s the closest I can get of having plants with tentacles. That is, until my gene splitting experiments come to fruition.

I studied mathematics. And then, just to make it worse, I went on to get my degree in simulation, out of the operational research segment of the computer science department.

My machines at home are named after Mesopotamian gods and heros. My server hosts a para-olympic team and is used by a bevvy of comic book artists.

I blog. On a blogging engine I wrote myself. Which title is a reference to William Blake’s The Tyger.

I am Yanick. I am g33k, hear me tweet! :-)