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use.perl.org offline journal editing

September 20, 2006
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I must admit that I find the journal editing page of use.perl.org a wee bit irksome. First, there's the itsy bitsy editing box (I'm sure there's a configuration somewhere to increase its size, but I haven't found it yet). Then there is the HTML formatting that, in these days of wikiness, feels awfully verbose and clunky.

The first itch, admittedly, can be solved by using Firefox's plugin ViewSourceWith , which allow to edit textbox field in your editor of choice.

But the second itch remained. So I rolled up my hack sleeves and typetty-typed a script that takes in a journal entry in good ol' pod, converts it to SlasHTML (using Pod::Simple and a XML::XPathScript template) and then uploads the result to use.perl.org (using Slash::Client::Journal ).

The script can be found here . To have it work for you, grep for cookie_file in the code and change it the right value for you.

      pod2slash entry.pod
prints the formatted entry to STDOUT, and
      pod2slash -p entry.pod
publish it to use.perl.org.

NOTE: for some reason the upload mechanism seems to choke when there are links. Darn, darn and triple darns.

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