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Pushing Your Code TODOs to GitHub Issues

January 30, 2013, last update: January 31, 2013

Update: I also updated the RT to GitHub exporter I've showcased some time ago to v3 of the GitHub API. It's available in my env repo as well.

A quick one. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to scan your code for all TODOs and FIXMEs and generate GitHub issues out of them? Well, I thought so too, so:


use 5.16.0;

use strict;
use warnings;

use Path::Iterator::Rule;
use Path::Tiny;
use List::AllUtils qw/ indexes before apply first /;
use Git::Repository;
use IO::Prompt::Tiny qw/prompt/;
use Net::GitHub;

my $git = Git::Repository->new( work_tree => '.' );

# my remote is always named 'github', you might have to 
# adapt to your habits
my( $project ) = first { /^github/ } $git->run( 'remote', '-v' );
$project =~ s/^.*?://;
$project =~ s/\.git.*$//;

my $github = Net::GitHub->new(
    login => 'you', 
    pass => 'yourpassword',

$github->set_default_user_repo( split '/', $project );

    ->name( qr/\.p[lm]$/ )
        # I'm too lazy for the next() dance...
    ->and( sub{ 
        my $path = path($_);

        my @lines = $path->lines;
        process_todo( $path, $_, \@lines ) for indexes { 
            /^ \s* \# \s* (?:TODO|FIXME) /x and not /\[GH\d+\]/ 
        } @lines;

        return 0; # we don't want to collect the files
    ->all( @ARGV );

sub process_todo {
    my( $file, $nbr ) = @_;
    my @lines = @{$_[2]};

    my $subject = $lines[$nbr] =~ s/^.*?#\s*(?:TODO|FIXME)\s*//r;
    my @body = apply { s/^\s*#\s?// } before { !/^\s*#/ }  @lines[$nbr+1..$#lines];

    # TODO don't assume master
    my $url = "https://github.com/$project/blob/master/$file#L$nbr";
    $url .= '-' . ($nbr+@body) if @body;

    say $subject;
    say "";
    say @body;

    prompt( "create Issue? (y/N)", 'n' ) =~ /y/ or return;

    my $isu = $github->issue->create_issue( {
        "title" => $subject,
        "body" => join( '', @body, "\n\n", $url ),
        labels => [ 'code todo' ],
    } ) or die "error in creating issue";

    say "issue ", $isu->{number}, " created";
    say $isu->{html_url};
    say "";

    my $issue = $isu->{number};

    $lines[$nbr] =~ s/(TODO|FIXME)/$1 [GH$issue]/;


And with that little beauty, you can do

$ todo2gh.pl lib

in the root of your project and it'll sniff all the modules and scripts and, for all TODO found of the format

# TODO frobusnicate the loop
# some details that will end up in the issue's body

it'll prompt you if you want to create an issue and automagically convert the TODO to

# TODO [GH3] frobusnicate the loop
# some details that will end up in the issue's body

Meanwhile, a new issue will now live on GitHub, with the proper title and label, and a nice link in the body leading to that exact place in the code.


(And if you are interested to improve on the script, it lives for the time being in my env repo)

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