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Statement Toggler for Vim

December 13, 2012
perl vim

Update: mysz pointed out splitjoin, a vim plugin very much in the same spirit as this hack, but generalized to other languages as well.

Update: Also changed the vim mapping to use <leader>, as proposed by Joe Frazer.

Raise your hand if that happened to you before: you have written

say "*hiccup*" if $eggnog_glass > 3;

and then realized that you also need to run titubate() as well if you drank that many eggnogs?

Or you wrote

for my $gift ( @heap ) {

and after a few rounds of refactoring get down to simply

for my $gift ( @heap ) {

which would be much better written with a postfix for?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to flip block and postfix statements with the ease of a single command? Well, I thought so, so I came up with a dirty little script:

#!/usr/bin/env perl 

use 5.16.0;

use strict;

local $/;

my $snippet = <>;

$snippet =~ s/^\s*\n//gm;
my ($indent) = $snippet =~ /^(\s*)/;
$snippet =~ s/^$indent//gm;

my $operators = join '|', qw/ if unless while for until /;

my $block_re = qr/
        \s* (?:my \s+ (?<variable>\$\w+) \s* )?
        \( \s* (?<array>[^)]+) \) \s* {
        \s* $

my $postfix_re = qr/
    \s+ (?<operator>$operators) 
    \s+ (?<array>[^;]+?) 
    \s* ;

if ( $snippet =~ $block_re ) {
    $snippet = block_to_postifx( $snippet, %+ );
elsif( $snippet =~ $postfix_re ) {
    $snippet = postfix_to_block( $snippet, %+ );

$snippet =~ s/^/$indent/gm;

say $snippet;

sub postfix_to_block {
    my( $snippet, %capture ) = @_;

    $snippet = $capture{inner};
    chomp $capture{array};
    $snippet = "$capture{operator} ( $capture{array} ) {\n    $snippet\n}";


sub block_to_postifx {
    my( $snippet, %capture ) = @_;

    # more than one statement? Don't touch it
    return $snippet if $capture{inner} =~ /(;)/ > 1;

    $snippet = $capture{inner};
    $snippet =~ s/;\s*$//; 

    $snippet =~ s/\Q$capture{variable}/\$_/g;
    $snippet =~ s/\$_\s*=~\s*//g;

    $capture{array} =~ s/\s*$//;

    $snippet .= " $capture{operator} $capture{array};";

    return $snippet;

(And, yeah, it's not the most robust thing ever, and would be better if it was using PPI, but for a first pass, it'll do.)

And then hooking the little macro

vmap <leader>f :! ~/bin/postfix_toggle.pl<CR> 

to my .vimrc. Suddenly, I can turn

say "*hiccup*" if $eggnog_glass > 3;


if ( $eggnog_glass > 3 ) {
    say "*hiccup*"


for my $gift ( @heap ) {


    give($_) for @heap;

Cute, isn't?

Oh, and if you want to see how this experiment will develop, the code will soon appear on my GitHub environment project repo.

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