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PerlWar 0.02 is out

October 22, 2006
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note: this message was originaly sent to the PerlWar mailing list (http://babyl.dyndns.org/mailman/listinfo/perlwar)

Almost on the anniversary day of the initial release of PerlWar, I'm happy to announce that I (finally) stamped and released PerlWar 0.02 (now in transit toward your nearest CPAN mirror).

Although the innards of the game engine have been massively rewritten, the look'n'feel of the game itself has remain mostly the same. The new elements a player might care about are:

  • Agents have access to three new variables: $O, the player owning the agent, @o, the list of players agents pretend to belong to, and $o, the modifiable facade of the current agent.
  • The Blitzkrieg variant (in which players only submit an agent on the first turn) is now implemented.
  • The roster of a game can be predefined (as it was the case before), or it can be declared 'ad-hoc', in which case any player registered to a master file can automatically join a not-started-yet game by simply submitting an agent.

To kick the tires, I've created a new ad-hoc, Blitzkrieg game at http://babyl.dyndns.org/pw/alpha/. The game will be run this Friday (Oct 27th) at roughly 8:00pm EST. Everybody who wish to participate is welcome. For whoever was in the last game, I've migrated the names and password to the new player master list. If you weren't there or have forgotten your password (which would be small wonder, considering that it's been over a year), just poke me and I'll do all the appropriate magic.

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