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The Dahut Vinci Code

September 3, 2006
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I'm afraid there is a dark and sinister conspiracy going on in the Perl underworld, and that I misadvertently stumbled in the middle of it...

I've heard rumors of it a few years back, but at the time I had discarded it as nonsense. I mean, who in his or her right mind would think something that big, that far-fetching, could be kept secret, and yet be true?

But yesterday, I've read the same information, typed straight from the fingertips of an undisputable source (which identity I of course wouldn't reveal, to keep him safe from harm):

Dahuts have their hands (err, hooves) in the AxKit project.

Yes. Dahuts. Those secretive animals decribed as half-llamas, half-yetis by both scholars of mythical lore and slightly tipsies sailors in bars.

Incensed by that discovery, I tried to access one of the thomes of knowledge on the subject. Namely: Acme::Dahut. But a critical, central piece of information has gone missing.

Website downtime, or the action of the Alpian Illuminati cabala trying to suppress information to leak out to the public? I don't know, but one thing is for sure: my great-great-grand-father's rusty yet thrusty musquet is loaded and ready shoot any albino monk who will happen to wander down my street...

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