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CPAN/Ohloh mashup

April 23, 2008
perl ohloh greasemonkey

Now that I've registered my Perl modules on Ohloh, I thought it'd be fun to make things bilateral and have one of the Ohloh widgets displayed on the modules' CPAN page. So I mustered my Grease-Fu, and hacked a little something.

With that little script installed, if a module dist is registered on Ohloh [*], its widget will appear on the right side of the CPAN page right below the gravatar picture.

For sample modules, have a gander at Test::Pod::Snippet or XML::XPathScript.

[*] The project must also be configured to have a name url corresponding to module's name in lowercase and with all '::' substitued by '-' (e.g., 'Test::Pod::Snippets' => 'test-pod-snippets').

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