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March 4, 2009
perl $foo

(cross-posted from Hacking Thy Fearful Symmetry)

Ever since I've learned about the existence of $foo - Perl Magazin, I've been awfully curious to take a peek at it. Unfortunately, they don't ship subscriptions internationally. So I went for the obvious workaround: I hunted high and low for the loveliest German lass I could find, asked her to marry me, and coaxed her family to get and forward me a subscription for the magazine as this year's Christmas gift. Worked like a charm.

And it was worth it too. The magazine is even better than I expected, and it's high praises to the authors that I learned quite a few things from the articles even though my German is still at a protozoic stage. Whether you're a German wanting to learn Perl, or a Perl hacker wanting to learn German, I heartily recommend it.

And talking of Germany, I'll embark tomorrow on a three-week vacation trip across the republic. If there are any Perl mongers meeting this month around Duisburg, Morsbach or Schwieberdigen who wouldn't mind having an Auslaender in their midst, please feel free to drop me an email.:-)

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