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Mohlohpoly game

August 4, 2008
perl game ohloh

While working on WWW::Ohloh::API, I caught myself wondering how one could use Ohloh for some kind of game. A few bus trips later with no book to keep my mind out of trouble, I came up with the variant of Monopoly given below. I'm recording it here to get it out of my system. Maybe one day, when I'll have time (ah!), I'll implement it. It'd be worth it just for the fun of collecting famous hackers like Pokémons.:-)


  • Every player start with a given amount of "money" (or moohlah).
  • Developers can be bought for a price inversely proportional to their Ohloh rank. A developer can only be owned by a single player at any given time.
  • A player can sell one of his developers at market price at any time. The player can also sell a developer directly to another player for any agreed price between them. Or he can auction the developer in an open auction to the rest of the players.
  • Any time a developer receives a kudo, the player owning him or her gets a dividend proportional to the rank of the kudo giver.
  • If a player possesses all developers of a project, they "own" that project.
  • Each turn, each player gets to "use" a random project picked from the set of all projects owned by a player, and must pay a fee proportional to the review score and number of users of that project. If the player doesn't have enough moohlah to pay up, one his or her developer is picked at random and sold at market value until the player becomes solvent again. If the player ends up without moohlah or hackers, he or she goes under.
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