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Object::InsideOut Cheatsheet

July 19, 2008
perl object::insideout cheatsheet

Everybody is raving about Moose these days, but I must say that I still prefer Object::InsideOut. One of the things I love about OIO is its extensive documentation (70 glorious pages worth of pod!). One of things that I find daunting about it is, well, finding back the attribute I'm looking for as I thumb through those seventy-something blasted pages.

So I made myself a cheatsheet. It's not complete yet, but it's already containing what most mortals would use on a daily basis.

(btw, I've used Scribus to generate the 3-fold. Although I really, really want to like that software, I must say that it makes me miss Quark XPress real bad. If anyone has any suggestion for an alternative Desktop Publishing tool, please feel free to let me know.)

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