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July 10, 2008
perl blog

Just to say that my main blog is going to be here (although I'm probably going to echo my posts at use.perl.org for a while still).

I love the soapbox that use.perl.org provides but the site's blogging interface is, shall we say, a tad archaic and on the painful side. I can live with the html format of entries, but many times I've longed for something a little bit more code snippet-friendly. So, when Perlsphere appeared at the horizon, the temptation to repatriate my blog on my own server became just too great to ignore...

Of course, considering that it's a blog about Perl blabbering, using some PHP blog engine would have not felt quite right. So I decided to experiment with Angerwhale. It's a pretty nifty engine, but it has a few rough edges. In fact, I already began to hack and patch at it... expect some entries about it sometimes soon.:-)

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