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Test::Class + Test::Group

June 19, 2008
perl test::class test::group

I've been playing with Test::Class lately and, I must say, it's a heck of a nice module. Only thing that I wish it had is the possibility to report each test as a single pass/failure, no matter the number of assertions done in the function. Just like Test::Group does.

Hmmm... But wait a second. Could it be possible to somehow stuff the caramel-like sweetness of Test::Group in the smooth chocolatey wrapping of Test::Class? Turns out that yes, it's perfectly possible! And even more, without even having to muck with the guts of either modules:

package Some::TestSuite;
use base qw/ Test::Class/;
use Test::Group;
use Test::More;
   my ( $pkg, $funct, $code ) = @_;
   no warnings;  # black magic starts here
   my $func_name = *{$funct}{NAME};
   my $fullname = $pkg.'::'.$func_name;
   *{$funct} = sub {
       print "begin test [", scalar localtime, "]\n";
       Test::Group::test( $fullname => \&{$code} );
       print "end test [", scalar localtime, "]\n";
   Test::Class::Test( @_ );
sub aTest : Test {
    ok 1, 'eins';
    ok 1, 'zwei';
    ok 1, 'drei';
sub otherTest : Test {
    ok 1, 'un';
    ok 0, 'deux';
    ok 1, 'trois';

Which gives

$ perl test.t
begin test [Thu Jun 19 22:17:16 2008]
ok 1 - Some::TestSuite::aTest
end test [Thu Jun 19 22:17:16 2008]
begin test [Thu Jun 19 22:17:16 2008]
#   Failed test 'deux'
#   in a.t at line 32.
not ok 2 - Some::TestSuite::otherTest
#   Failed test 'Some::TestSuite::otherTest'
#   at a.t line 17.
#   (in Some::TestSuite->otherTest)
end test [Thu Jun 19 22:17:16 2008]
# Looks like you failed 1 test of 2.

This method, though, has two modest caveats:

  1. A failed assertion will be given with the correct line, but the test itself will be reported as being located inside the Test() function.
  2. Test fixtures have to be declared as having 1 test (i.e., it has to be sub mySetup:Test(setup => 1) {.. })
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