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March 19, 2008

Updating the version number is all the files of a module distribution is a pain in the behind. It's repetitive, boring and ridiculously prone to errors -- in short, a task fit for a script, not for humans. So I decided to hack myself a little something, for the time being called perversion, to take care of it.

The idea is pretty straight-forward. In the root directory of my distribution, I have a config file named perversionrc that contains Perl code that return an hash of all files where the the module version is given, and regular expressions to capture the said version. For example, here's the perversionrc of WWW::Ohloh::API:

use File::Find::Rule;
my %file;
$file{README} = qr/WWW-Ohloh-API version (\S+)/;
for my $m ( File::Find::Rule->file->name( '*.pm' )->in( 'lib' ) ) {
   $file{$m} = [ qr/\$VERSION\s*=\s*'(.*?)';/,
                 qr/This document describes \S+ version (\S*)/ ];

Once that file is present, perversion is ready to rock. You want to verify that the version number is consistent in all given files?

$ perversion
distribution version is set to 0.0.9
lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Enlistment.pm:12: 0.0.6
!!! does not match distribution version (0.0.9) !!!
lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Repository.pm:10: 0.0.6
!!! does not match distribution version (0.0.9) !!!
lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ContributorLanguageFact.pm:10: 0.0.6
!!! does not match distribution version (0.0.9) !!!
lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ContributorFact.pm:10: 0.0.6
!!! does not match distribution version (0.0.9) !!!
lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ContributorFact.pm:241: 0.0.6
!!! does not match distribution version (0.0.9) !!!

Want to set the version to a specific value?

$ perversion -set 1.2.3
changing all versions to 1.2.3..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Language.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ActivityFacts.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Account.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Kudos.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Project.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Enlistment.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/KudoScore.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Factoid.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Repository.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Projects.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ContributorLanguageFact.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Languages.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ActivityFact.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/ContributorFact.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Analysis.pm..
        updating lib/WWW/Ohloh/API/Kudo.pm..
        updating README..

Don't want to go through the mental challenge of computing the next version yourself? No problem!

$ perversion -inc revision
distribution version is set to 1.2.3
new distribution version is 1.2.4
$ perversion -inc minor
distribution version is set to 1.2.4
new distribution version is 1.3.0
$ perversion -inc major
distribution version is set to 1.3.0
new distribution version is 2.0.0
$ perversion -inc alpha
distribution version is set to 2.0.0
new distribution version is 2.0_1

The script is still raw and in need of polishing, but for those interested, it's available from its very own git repository.

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