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Greasemonkeying dependencies

January 28, 2008
greasemonkeying cpandeps cpan

Escalation wars... you just have to love'em.

First, David came up with the über-cool CPAN deps page.

Then Andy comes up with a nifty Greasemonkey script to add it to the CPAN distributions main pages.

Then I add a small patch to the script to retrieve some information from the Deps page.

Then David creates an xml interface to CPAN deps, opening the door wide open for Web 2.0 goodiness.

Then (and this is where we are right now) I hack together a new CPAN_Dependencies monkeyscript to take advantage of said xml interface.

This, of course, is nowhere near the end of the story. My new script only scratches the surface of what can be done with the information contained in the xml. As soon as I have some tuits, I'll probably add a way to toggle between showing only the first-level dependencies and all dependencies, and have dependencies color-coded by degree of b0rkage, and whatever bell or whistle I can think of in the meantime.

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