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Catalyst's manual

April 18, 2007
catalyst perl pod::manual manual

Don't get me wrong, I love perldoc. But for documentation that span several manpages, I often catch myself dreaming of tables of content, indexes, real dead-tree margins on which to annotate stuff. I'm funny that way.

So I went back to the script that I wrote to create the XPathScript manual and tinkered a bit with it. I then used that newly-concocted black magick (which basically convert and agglomerate pods into a docbook, which is then LaTeXified and subsequently pdfed) to turn the Catalyst manual into a cute little pdf. Me likes. I think I'll tidy up the aforementioned script and publish it as Pod::Manual or something of the kin as soon as time (ah!) allows.

(and yeah, I'm in the process of getting my feet wet with Catalyst. Last week I was hopelessly Not Getting It, but sometime during last week-end, an angel came to me and bapped me over the head with its trumpet. Epiphany! I grok it, now! Even better: I think I'm digging it too!)

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