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December 9, 2006
perl game

A few weeks ago, while I was doing one of those activities that allow the mind to disconnect and roam of its own (could have been while I was showering, or riding the bus, or attending a team meeting, I don't recall), an idea hit me. The game Monopoly has variations themed on everything under the sun, from countries (Canada-o-poly, eh!), to TV programs (the Simpsons), to pets (Cat-o-poly), to God-knows-what. So why not do a Perl-themed variation of it?

  • The currency of the game wouldn't be dollars, but lines of code (LoC).
  • The properties would be modules, to which you assign code monkeys and gurus. The different module groups could be:

    Embperl HTML::Mason

    Acme::Bleach Acme::EyeDrops Acme::Buffy

    Email::Filter Mail::SendEasy::SMTP Mail::Box

    Net::Telnet Net::FTP Net::SSH

    DBD::SQLite DBD::MySQL DBD::Pg

    PerlQt Wx Gtk

    XML::LibXML XML::XPath XML::Twig

    Module::Build ExtUtils::MakeMaker

  • The utilities would be 'perldoc' and 'perlbug'.
  • You wouldn't go to Prison, but would 'use Safe;'
  • Instead of Chance, we'd have rand().
  • Community chest? Surely you mean comp.lang.perl.misc.
  • Free Parking would be replaced by YAPC.
  • Railway stations would be replaced by pragmas: strict, warnings, bytes and utf8
  • Etc, etc, etc.

The whole idea tickles enough my fancy that I might whip up an SVG rendering of the board one of those days.

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